About DeeDee

Interested in buying a new sheitel (wig)? Want to jazz up your old one?

DeeDee, an expert sheitelmacher, daughter of the founder of the famous Georgie Wigs Brand, has been doing sheitels since she was 6 years old. DeeDee designs, creates and customizes each sheitel. No more worrying about the cap being too tight or too big – DeeDee can make alterations and repairs in 48 hours! Too much hair? DeeDee can remove wefts of hair to make it perfect for you! Her Sheitels are only made with high quality European Hair and each wig’s creation is supervised and finalized by her at her wig store in Jerusalem.

DeeDee can produce a custom wig in 24h if nedded

DeeDee is also the producer of the Multi Lace Banda revolutionary headband made from lace and European Hair that sits in front of your sheital – giving the illusion of hair growing straight from the scalp AND draws the hair up and off your face! These can give older sheitals a new lease on life.

DeeDee is the only producer of lace head band that uses HIGH QUALITY European Hair.

If you are interested in ordering a custom, or just booking an appointment to see DeeDee’s range of wigs and the multi lace band please email info@deedeewigs.com. To see more photos you can follow her on Instagram @bydeedee

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  1. Hi . Do you take out wefts of hair in other sheitels, or only your own.
    And could you do this the same day.

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