The Multi Lace Band

The Multi Lace Band

The Multi Lace Band
The Multi Lace Band

is a seamless high quality lace band uniquely designed to wear in front of any wig to create a perfectly natural hairline.

The Multi Lace Band’s seamless transition creates the illusion that the hair is growing directly out of your scalp.

The Multi Lace Band is a great option for any wig style that requires hair to be worn back away from the face and without bangs.

The Multi Lace Band is crafted with precision detail using only 100% of the finest quality European hair. Adjustable velcro fits most head sizes.

The Multi Lace Band is an Lace front and Wig grip combined to add extra support and comfort and be able to use with all the kinds of wigs/falls and hats or tichels.


  • Natural

  • Seamless

  • Hand Tied

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Ajustable

  • Great for low hair line

The Multi Lace Band

10 thoughts on “The Multi Lace Band

  1. Hello, I would like to know how much is your multi-lace band? As light a color as in stock? Thanks Amy

    1. Hi,
      we have a large selection in stock of lace in blonds
      when would you like to come to try it on?

      please reach me at Phone or WhatsApp +972548305123


  2. Hi I was wondering if you could be of assistance, I have a wunderwig pony sheitel that I love however I hate wearing it with headbands.. Is there any way I can wear it with an iband or lace front? I want to wear it up etc what are my options because I’ve seen some women do that with their wunderwigs

  3. interested in the multidirectional lace grip. can i get some info about ordering? thanks!

  4. Hey do you have a dark brown lacefront hairband? Can you show me some pictures? Do you ship internationally?
    Best regards

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