Medical Wigs

Medical Wigs

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medical wig

DeeDee Luria Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing high-quality wigs on tight schedules.

Our company offers a wide range of wigs for a range of customers, including cancer patients who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy, girls and women who suffer from hair loss due to a host of medical reasons, girls and women who simply have sparse natural hair growth, and religious Jewish women who cover their own hair after marriage as required by their custom.

Medical wigs

For many women, hair loss can be one of the most traumatic occurrences in their lives, affecting their self-image and causing them to lose their self-confidence. We offer high-quality medical wigs worn in a variety of ways, including special adhesion to the scalp.

Coping with hair loss

The most common way to cope with hair loss triggered by any underlying cause is by wearing a wig or adding hair to one’s own.

We, at DeeDee Luria Ltd., carry a large line of medical wigs of different qualities and prices. By using our wigs, clients can achieve virtually any natural-looking, air-drying hair style designed by our professional staff.


We specialize in manufacturing completely natural-looking wigs that make it impossible for anybody to tell you’re not wearing your own hair. We make our wigs on our premises and can turn out a custom ordered wig within 24-48 hours if necessary (at extra cost).


We provide our clients with a full guarantee*:

  • 12 months on all wigs on display.

  • 24 months on every custom ordered wig.

* For full information on our guarantee, please read our company policy.


  • We use the most expensive, high-quality raw products on the market.

  • We use only 100% human hair that has undergone no synthetic processing whatsoever.

  • DeeDee Luria Ltd. prices wigs individually. The factors that go into pricing each piece include:

    • MonoTop18Style

    • Type of hair

    • Length of hair

    • Color

    • Special upgrades involving handmade and specially sewn pieces

We work with all of Israel’s HMOs and provide a 5% discount on the purchase of a wig. There is no need to apply to the HMO for approval.


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