Where is the best place to buy a sheitel?

This question is far from trivial. The traditional sheitel is far more than a decorative wig. A shaitel is how ultra orthodox  Jewish women maintain their modesty while celebrating their femininity. Moreover, it is how she advertises her social position, family tradition, and adherence to her community’s standards. A Hassidic wig such as frissete, sheitel and hat, band sheitel, hoyla sheitel is quite distinct from an orthodox sheitel such as a shoulder length wig, a below the shoulders wig, an ultra-long glam wig or “a fall” are completely different in appearance and craftmanship from one another- and they say something completely different about the woman and her place in the community.  The style, length, texture, color and quality of a wig — and above all, what the wig says about the woman wearing it — constitutes a nuanced message which needs to be gotten just right.

For women who require wigs due to medical reasons, such as chemotherapy, choosing a wig symbolizes their commitment to life and overcoming their disease and a statement that they are reclaiming control of their lives. And of course, all women, of all backgrounds sometimes want to make a powerful statement or choose a look that reflects their inner self.

But whether you are an ultra orthodox woman adhering to your tradition, coping with a health condition, or simply seeking the best possible headgear to express your femininity, you know that any standard, off the shelf shaitel will not do. Oftentimes a custom shaitel is required to meet the specific requirements and express the unique beauty and personality of each woman. Natural hair wigs, for example, are in high demand due to their aesthetic and health advantages (eg; reduced scalp irritation), but you want to make sure that only the highest quality Russian hair and Brazilian hair is used in your own luxury wig.

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Whatever head of hair you are after, you will find it here, be it a ready to wear wig or a customized wig to order all changes and alterations are done on site with our exclusive two year guarantee.

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