Purchasing a New Wig

What Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing a New Wig?

Once in a while, I meet women who just recently purchased a new wig but don’t wear it. Either they really don’t like it or it’s not exactly what they wanted.

I decided to write this article to make it a little easier for you before you invest in your next wig.

So, what’s really important to know before buying a new wig?

A general explanation and a short dictionary of wig terms:

A Wig With or Without a Skin Top (which looks like a scalp)

A Band Fall is a wig without a skin top which can be worn with a band at the front of the wig. With a band fall, natural hair can also be pulled out at the front.

Band Fall  Band fall with natural hair band fall with DeeDee lace band front

(L to R: Band Fall, Fall w/ hair out, Fall & Lace Band no hair out)

A Lace Band –a hair addition—can be added in front of a band fall. It is an ideal solution for women who want a natural look without showing any hair at the front.

The Multi Lace Band by DeeDee

(Pictured: Lace Band)

A Wig with a Skin Top (giving the appearance of the scalp) gives the natural look of hair growing from the scalp.

Skin top

(Pictured: Wig with a Skin Top)

A Lace Front  a lacy net material sewn at the front of the wig which gives it the effect of growing from the head naturally. When the wig sits properly on the head, it looks like natural hair growth.

Quality and Hair Source

Today, there is serious competition in this area and, as a result, there are many types and qualities of hair. There is very cheap hair, such as Asian or Mongolian hair. Brazilian and Russian unprocessed hair are of the highest quality. It is best to choose the hair you will be using when ordering a custom wig.

russian hair

(Russian Hair – The Highest Quality Hair)

Custom Made Wig or Stock Wig

A Custom Wig is a wig made to order for the client from scratch. Exact measurements of the head are taken to custom fit the wig to the head most comfortably.

A Stock Wig can also be fitted, but that could come with an unnecessarily high price tag. In order to get a clear price ahead of time so there won’t be any surprises, here is a tip: if the wig is almost perfect and doesn’t need more than 2 changes, go for it.

Stock Wigs – Pros

  • You can see what you are getting.
    • The price given does or does not includes changes depending on place of purchase

Stock Wigs – Cons

  • There isn’t always a stock wig available which fits the client’s needs

Custom Wigs – Pros

  • Custom built for the client’s specifications
  • The price you are quoted is the final price
  • Comfort – the golden rule in a custom is its comfort

Custom Wigs – Cons

  • Picturing the results instead of an actual wig
  • A number of fittings (generally twice)
  • Patience
  • Trusting the shaitelmacher to understand what you want


Wig Upkeep to Prevent Knotting and Other Issues

It’s important to ask your shaitelmacher what is appropriate and what is not advisable to do with the wig you have just purchased.

Many women want to save on the costs of washing and setting their wig and try to do it by themselves. If they don’t know how to wash their wig by themselves, they can cause serious damage to the skin top of the wig with knotting or a bubble. In this case, is better to give it to a professional and to spare the heartache of a fiasco. On the other hand, there are wigs that dry by themselves into a natural shape and don’t require combing or styling. It all depends on what you choose, a wig which dries naturally and looks good without any further styling, or a wig that needs curling or blow-drying to achieve your style.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to give your wig to anyone without experience who can burn the hair with an iron or with a blowdryer.
It’s worth it to invest a bit and to give the wig at least once a month to a professional shaitelmacher who is able to properly care for your wig.


See if your wig comes with a guarantee and check out what is included under the guarantee. How long will the wig last? Like everything else, wigs should be purchased only with a guarantee, and if there is no guarantee, the price has to be very cheap so that you won’t be hit with extra expenses.


So that you will feel good in your wig and look as best as you can, my suggestions are:

  • Research the shaitelmacher who will be selling you a wig before you invest.
  • Be clear about what you are buying or want to buy and what is included in the price.
  • The most important factor is the cut of the wig. Find out if the new wig’s price includes the cut and coloring.

About the Author: Mrs. DeeDee Luria, owner of DeeDee Wigs, designs, manufactures, cuts and styles distinctive wigs in Yerushalayim. Since she was a little girl, she has been active in the family wig business in New York. As she grew up, she learned the tricks of the trade from her mother, world-renowned wig designer and stylist, Mrs. Georgie Klein, who raised an entire generation of shaitelmachers in Israel and around the world. DeeDee made Aliyah from New York 7 years ago.