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The business card for DeeDee Luria says Georgie wigs.

Indeed, although only in her mid-20’s  DeeDee was trained by Georgie, yes, famous wig creator, for over thirty years.  Being that she is the youngest child of Georgie accounts for this time phenomena TO BE IN HER 20’S YET WITH 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE.  And the apple is not far from the tree, because DeeDee is a whiz with wigs, making wigs, remaking wigs, changing their head size to fit you as if a custom, but only DeeDee can do this.  What can I tell you?

I walk around with my wig on my head and get dozens of compliments from women, as the cut and the set and quality are five star.  No, it does not make men’s heads turn, the look is smart, neat and suitable for a BAS YISROEL.  DeeDee adds hair and blends colors of hair and on and on with her, bli ayin hora, skilled hands.

New by DeeDee: she now can make a wig for you with special netting by the front, so you have a look of baby hairs as well as a flow of the hair off the face.  This means no comb by the front forehead of the wig.  Again DeeDee is in the cutting edge (pun intended) of the fine wigs for her customers.  So email her to start you on the road to covering your hair with distinction and fine taste.

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  1. I just had the most amazingly wonderful experience with DeeDee and her talented team. I was diagnosed with lymphoma on Tuesday and by Thursday they had cut my hair and we’re ready to begin working on my wig. Today is Tuesday and I picked it up the wig before my first chemo treatment. Besides being gentle and understanding they created a masterpiece that looks like my hair. I strongly strongly recommend working with DeeDee it’s been a pleasure. It also removed some of my anxiety about the coming months.

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